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If you are looking for a Baby Rocking Horse you have come to the right place. Currently these are the TOP RATED Rocking Horses for Babies. You can view more information on each by clicking Products Details.

If you are looking for a wide variety in selections for the baby rocking horse-we have it here. Also you will find great prices and Fast Shipping on all products.

Bowse around and you will find rocking horse toys for babies all the way up through toddlers and older. Especialy popular are the plush rocking horses, which you will find a huge selection here.

We even feature many styles of the more traditional rocking horse made of wood.

Why Buy a Baby Rocking Horse

A rocking horse continues to be one of the most popular toys for babies and growing toddlers. For years and even today this is an ageless that just hasn't lost it's appeal.

There are many reasons it is so popular. 

First, it provides much needed exercise for a growing child.  There is both upper body and lower body exercise thattakes place when using this type of a toy.

Rocking is a very natural rhythm and the activity required to move the horse back and forth comes second nature to children.  It is an easy motion and not complicated.

It is fun!  If an activity is fun then children will want to do it more often.

What Are the Diferent Styles of the Baby Rocking Horse Available

Traditionally, a rocking horse was crafted out of different types of wood. Many versions of the wooden rocking horse are available today. This style remains quite popular and has a certain old world charm.

But the plush rocking horse is probably the number one choice for most buyers. There are so many styles to choose from. Versions made from animals is quite fun for babies. Some of these plush rocking animals are designed after popular cartoon and story book characters.

A plush rocking toy is quite comfortable, and colorful. Children will often name their plush horse and that adds to the fun.

There is even a version, the pink rocking horse, that is gaining in popularity. If your baby or toddler favors toys in pink, this is something you may want to take a look at.

Many offer more than just the rocking fun. Most today also feature talking or animal sounds and songs that kids love.

As well most are designed with safety in mind, featuring slip-resistant foot steps and easy-grip handles.

Rocking Horse Tips

  • When a child is on a rocking horse there should always be adult supervision.
  • Every child has different motor skill abilities. Some children wil be able to mount and dismount their rocking toy on their own. Others may need assistance.
  • Keep in mind that some children may take quickly to the new toy while others may be a little hesitant at first, depending on their personality. If a child appears to be frightened by the toy, be sure to give them time to adjust and introduce the toy gradually.
  • Be sure to keep in mind the size and weight of the child and purchase accordingly.

Ride on toys, like the baby rocking horse, make great gifts for any occasion--holidays, birthdays or just because Grandma and Grandpa want to! They will be cherished and loved by babies and toddlers for years as they grow and develop.




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